Company Overview

Company Overview
  1. We are a team of 25 employees in the company and have been hiring daily Labour based on material demand. Usually we hire Labour around 200 persons on average.
  2. We have a team of highly qualified professionals, who work in a close coordination in order to achieve the organizational goal of optimum quality mineral products’ production.
  3. Our team encompasses Mining consultants, technicians, engineers, quality analysts and marketing personnel.
    • We have qualified Mining engineers who guide our entire mining operations.
    • We have qualified engineers and technicians who skillfully operate the complex machines.
    • Our quality analysts keep a strict vigil during the whole production process to maintain the flawlessness.
Director Name Position
Enjam Lakshmi Managing Director
Prasad Pv Executive Director
Our Business Model
  • Going forward, PRAS Minerals will be the key entity, which does transactions with customers.
  • Mine leases and Mining activities remains with their respective partnership firms, but sale of material will be through PRAS Minerals.
  • In this scope, Pras Minerals has Eight Captive mines under its control and ownership.
    1. M/s. S.R.Minerals possess one Quartz Mine at Gudur, M/s.Lorven Minerals possess one mine with Feldspar Deposits and M/s. Chennai Minerals possess two mines at Mylavaram. All these mines produce Semi Glassy Quartz and Feldspar.
    2. M/s. Jyothsna Minerals possess two mines, which produce Granular Quartz. These mines are at Sydapuram, Gudur.
    3. M/s. Venkata Raghavendra Minerals possess two mines of Soapstone and Dolomite. These mines are at Bethamcherla and Rayala Cheruvu, Andhra Pradesh.
Materials We Produce
  1. Quartz
    1. Semi-Glassy Quartz
      • Quartz Lumps
      • Quartz Grit
  2. Feldspar
    1. Potash Feldspar
      • Light Grey / Whitish Grey Potash Feldspar
      • Pink Potash Feldspar
    2. Soda Feldspar
  3. Soap Stone / Talc / Steatite
    1. Grade A
    2. Grade B
    3. Grade C
    4. Grade D
    5. Grade E
  4. Dolamite
    1. Grade A with silica percentage less than 2% and Fe content less than 1.75%
    2. Grade B with silica percentage above 2%
  5. Marble
    1. Premium Quality
    2. Normal Quality
Key Challenges
  1. Monsoon Impact on Production:
    • Monsoons hit Gudur region between October to Mid of December every year, where as hits Mylavaram region between July to September. During these days, there is a significant impact on production of Grade A material.
  2. Fuel Price hikes
  3. Increase in Labour cost:
    • To anticipate this problem, we are looking at utilizing of more machinery.
  4. Dollar-Rupee Exchange Rate
  5. Fluctuation in material demand
Future Plans
  1. Reduce Labour involvement in material production by employing better techniques:
    • Employing Sand-blasting
    • Using of more machinery – Rock Breakers, Loaders, etc
    • Build sophisticated stock yard
  2. Anticipating Monsoon Impact
    • Acquiring new mines or applying for new mine leases in various places since monsoon timings in India varies region to region.
  3. Have defined strategy for maintaining relations with existing customers in long-term basis.
  4. Spend on new technology trends for better productivity.
  5. Have a tie-ups with infrastructure projects for supply of mud / gravel, which are resulted in the process of preparing Grade A and Grade B.
Factors Influencing Pricing
  • Dollar Vs Rupee exchange
  • Fluctuations in Fuel prices
  • Statutory taxes levied by various Govt agencies from time to time.
  • Size of the lumps
  • Packing of the materials
  • Container Option
    1. With Container
      • Using Jumbo Bags
      • No Jumbo Bags
    2. Bulk / Break Bulk Shipment
Export License
IEC Code 0911000542
Bank with HDFC & Ing Vysya

Forwarding Agent :

Chennai Port Cargo Marketing, Hera Shipping
Krishnapatnam Port KPCT In-House team & SeaShell

Shipliners :

OOCL, Maersk, RCL, Wanhai, Hyundai

Ports through which we export:

  1. Chennai
  2. Krishnapatnam

Note: Going forward, we will use more services of Krishnapatnam port.

Registrations with Statutory Bodies in India
Registration Registered with / Under Registration Number
Company Incorporation Certificate Ministry of Company Affairs U14293AP2010PTC070183
Imports and Exports Code DGFT, India. Ministry of Commerce under Foreign Trade 0911000542
PAN Income Tax Dept, India AAFCP6529F
TIN Commercial Tax department 28601198383
TAN Income Tax HYDP08096E